What Texas stands to lose by failing to require LGBTQ-inclusive sex education

The Texas State Board of Education is revising the health and sex education standards for Texas students, and we have a real opportunity to take a much-needed step forward for all youth across our state.

The last time the board revised the standards was 1997, a generation ago. Bill Clinton was in the White House, fewer than 20% of American households had internet access and the world was mourning the death of Princess Diana.

We’ve come a long way since then. Marriage equality has been the law of the land for five years, LGBTQ workers are covered under federal employment law, and public opinion polling shows Texans overwhelmingly support equal rights for LGBTQ people. But LGBTQ youth in Texas still do not see themselves or their experiences reflected in the curriculum. The board missed a chance in September to protect students by voting to exclude information on sexual orientation and

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Six UAE higher education institutions lose licences

The Ministry of Education has cancelled the licences of six higher education institutions in the UAE as they failed to meet a host of academic and administrative criteria, according to a report of Arabic daily Al Bayan. Six other institutions were placed under monitoring.

Four new licences for universities and colleges were approved, while another four were rejected, the report added.

Professor Mohammad Yousuf Bani Yas, higher education adviser and director of the Academic Accreditation Commission at the Ministry of Education, said a set of criteria is being implemented in monitoring trust levels in universities in the UAE. They could achieve either ‘high’, ‘medium’, ‘low’ or ‘very low’ trust levels.

Among the factors that affect an institution’s evaluation are how good its academic programmes are; how clear its strategy is; and how much it cares about its students, especially during exams.

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