Shaping The Future Of Higher Ed By Listening To Students

By Senior Associate Kendall Rathunde

Higher education has been upended. Institutions are balancing budget cuts, the risks of Covid-19 transmission on campus, virtual and in-person instruction, and the retention of students deeply concerned about their futures. As survival creeps into the realities of our institutions, and the risk of mission-drift increases, we must insist they do not forget yet another responsibility—listening to students. 

Despite prevailing uncertainties, asking college students about the purpose of higher education evokes a remarkably steady answer: to learn from others with others. Yet many institutions seem to be missing out on opportunities to learn from student consumers and tap into this essential data source. In other institutional and business realms, organizations wouldn’t make drastic changes to their product offerings without looking closely at consumer feedback. 

How can we learn from students?

People facing higher education as students

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