5 sneaky lies we’re told about the job search

It’s no shock that our friends, mothers, colleagues, mentors and favorite authors give us different advice about the job search.

After all, everyone’s professional experiences are different, thanks to the unique circumstances, organizations, industries and individuals we’re tasked with navigating during our careers.

Still, for all the diverse approaches out there, there are some dangerous myths that pervade our common thinking about the job search and discourage professionals (especially women) from stretching their wings and reaching their full professional potential.

Here are five of those lies and why they’re unreliable, according to hiring professionals. 

1. You can never land a role you don’t have formal experience in

“One of the silliest myths about the job application process is that the candidate cannot get a job if he has no experience. Sure, you won’t get a top position anywhere, but junior positions are well within reach. As usual, it all depends

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