AMEXCAN, NC Latino COVID-19 task force working to stop the spread and educate

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WNCT) – The NC Latino task force includes local and state health workers and members of community groups. Its members are looking at how to increase testing, connect people to resources, and prepare for flu season.

“Our testing numbers have been low when we’ve done community outreach,” said Tracey Simmons-Kornegay, Duplin County Health director.

Organizations across the East are joining forces in the fight against COVID-19 especially in the Latinx community.

“Even if we’re not involved, we’re willing to help you guys do whatever you need to do to get testing for the Latinx community,” said Dr. Charlene Green, American Anesthesiology of the Southeast.

The Association of Mexicans in North Carolina holds weekly meetings on COVID-19 efforts across the East. Local health officials give updates on case growth and testing, and outreach events.

“We were in Orange County last Friday and it really was an amazing event.

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