Donaldson Donates 200 Laptops to Support Educational Success for Underserved Students’ Remote Learning at Prodeo Academy

Leaders at Donaldson Company, Inc. and members of the company’s corporate tutor team delivered 200 laptops to Prodeo Academy, a network of tuition-free preparatory schools in the Twin Cities metro area that develop students in PreK-8th grades to be critical thinkers and reflective leaders.

When the pandemic necessitated the transition to online learning, Prodeo asked the public for donations to help secure computers, as it only had laptops for approximately half of its 700 students. Donaldson Company, with a long history of addressing the needs of its local communities and helping transform lives, leaned into the opportunity of providing technology to support underserved students and promote educational success. Donaldson purchased the computers from Best Buy, which helped provide the laptops that can be tough to find due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We stand united, together with the broader business community, in our commitment to creating lasting, sustainable change,” said

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Online learning laptops still not provided by Education Ministry

As the coronavirus crisis continues to plague Israel, the necessary adjustments to schooling have yet to be made, with 150,000 laptops still unavailable to students six months after the beginning of the crisis.Head of the Child Rights Committee, MK Yousef Jabareen, demanded to know when the laptops are expected to arrive.  The amount of laptops was determined based on an OECD survey which showed that about nine percent of Israeli students have no means of partaking in online learning. This idea brought about criticism against the Education Ministry byJabareen, who claimed that by a survey made by both Central Bureau of Statistics and the Head Economist of the Finance Ministry showed that nearly double the number of laptops was needed, and asked why the Education Ministry did not conduct its own survey to determine how many laptops are needed for the students of Israel. “It’s a parameter that is difficult
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