World Bank: Pandemic jeopardises progress on children’s health, education in Laos

VIENTIANE, Sept 25 (The Vientiane Times/ANN): The Covid-19 pandemic threatens hard-won gains in the health and education of Lao children, who could lose half a year of schooling on average, a new World Bank Group analysis has found.

The analysis shows that pre-pandemic Laos and most nations around the world had made steady progress in building the human capital of children, with the biggest strides made in low-income countries.

Due to the pandemic’s impact, more than 1 billion children globally, have been out of school and could lose, on average, half a year of schooling.

For Laos, the figure is 46 per cent, reflecting difficulties providing health and education services, with the measles vaccination coverage dropping from 83 per cent to 40 per cent from the end of 2019 to May 2020.

In Laos, girls have a higher human capital outcome than boys in six of the seven indicators.


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