Pflugerville teacher laid to rest but family hopes her legacy lives on through school namesake

The longtime Pflugerville special education teacher was laid to rest after a four-year battle with esophageal cancer.

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — A longtime Pflugerville ISD teacher sadly lost her battle to cancer but her name is now in running to be the namesake of Pflugerville Independent School District’s Elementary 22. 

Jessica Carpenter was laid to rest Sunday. 

“We had gotten the diagnosis news back in 2016 in October,” said Jessica’s husband, Aaron Carpenter. 

It was a diagnosis that no husband wants to hear: his wife of over a decade had Stage IV esophageal cancer. 

“[Jessica] went through and did treatment on a continual basis, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and some radiation,” said Aaron Carpenter.

Doctors told the couple that she had only three months to live but they were wrong. 

The teacher of 20 years continued to pour into her students at Brookhollow Elementary for four more years, all while fighting cancer. While

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COVID-19 laid bare the inequities in Higher Education. Now, we risk losing an entire generation

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For many families living below the poverty line in New Jersey and across the country, public universities and community colleges offer opportunity: to be the first in the family to receive a college education and to take a step up the ladder of social mobility. Today, one-fifth of college students nationally come from low-income backgrounds, and more than half are first-generation students — many of whom rely on public education institutions to transform their lives and the lives of their families. Even as economic mobility has decreased in the

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