Kamala Harris Gets a Fracking Education

Senator Kamala Harris, Democratic vice presidential nominee, speaks during the U.S. vice presidential debate at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S., on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020.


Kim Raff/Bloomberg News

Kamala Harris in Wednesday’s debate declared that Joe Biden’s Administration would make the U.S. “carbon neutral” by 2035—a more ambitious goal than even California has set—while at the same time disavowing plans to ban fracking for natural gas. We look forward to Mr. Biden explaining this apparent contradiction in the next debate, if there is one.

Meantime, it’s worth highlighting a new Energy Information Administration report that shows how fracking and competitive energy markets have done more to reduce CO2 emissions over the last decade than government regulation and renewable subsidies. Vice President Mike Pence made this point on Wednesday night, and

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The Education of Kamala Harris


Kamala: Next in Line

The Education of Kamala Harris

Joy Reid: On a tree-lined street in West Berkeley, Carole Porter waited for the bus to school.

Carole Porter: You know, I got some new school clothes, and I got, you know, special ribbons for my hair. I was just excited to go to school, and I really enjoyed being on the bus, because I was able to talk with my friends on the way to school.

Reid: Carole was in first grade, and her school was all the way across town.

Porter: It was a yellow school bus with a little green duck on it, so we could remember which bus to get on.

Reid: On this particular day, she’ll catch her bus and make a friend.

Porter: I met Kamala in the bus line.

Reid: Kamala Harris lived with her mom around the corner from Carole. Her mom’s

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