Iowa’s higher enrollment cliff just got closer

If University of Iowa students wanted an online education, “they could do the University of Phoenix,” a University of Iowa dean in June told more than 400 faculty and staff during a candid and contentious meeting regarding plans for a COVID-19-plagued return to campus for the fall of 2020.

His comments came after employees aired safety concerns, personal anxieties and health risks. One person asked if faculty and staff could be terminated for rebuffing directives to teach face to face.

“If, in the end, you go against all the directives that have been set up, is your job in danger? I guess the answer would be yes, it could be,” UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Steve Goddard told the packed Zoom meeting. “If you’re not doing the job that you’re being hired and paid for to do yes, it could be.”

During the meeting that laid

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