New Surge in Interest by Parents to Form Learning Pods

When four, first-grade girls got together this week to learn away from school, it was pure joy. Their parents had joined forces to form a learning pod, with some considering “podding” for some time, while others were frustrated with repeated delays in in-person learning at the city’s public schools. 

“I felt they were really happy to be together,” said Naomi Lev, one of the pod’s parents. 

What You Need To Know

  • Renewed interest in learning pods where parents bring children into a home to simulate in-person learning led by a caregiver or tutor
  • Learning pods have no official guidelines, tutors call it the “unchartered waters” of education
  • Some school are offering “podding” tips to help reduce COVID-19 infection pathways and promote equity in the school system
  • The second delay in in-person learning pushed some to finally consider forming a pod

“I think a sense of community is super, super important

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