Online or in-person? Having options and flexibility are key in new world of higher education

Colleges have also had to adapt to a new world of higher education.

As soon as the pandemic hit, Cincinnati State launched a college-wide effort to not only expand the number and type of its online course offerings, but also to enhance student support services.

Cincinnati State now offers three different types of online courses:

  • Web courses are traditional, self-paced online courses and do not require specific meeting times.
  • Live Web courses require instructors and students to meet online on a regular schedule just as if they were in person.
  • Hybrid courses are a mix of traditional web and live web that include regular meeting times, but not as frequently as live web.

Cincinnati State is also offering selected in-person courses that have been carefully planned to ensure adherence to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and local safety guidelines related to COVID-19:

Cincinnati State Middletown is offering in-person

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Special education students will start in-person classes as other students begin hybrid, online learning

Tabitha Day is glad her daughter, Emily, 13, will be going to school on Monday.

“Her actually going to school and getting any services at this point would be successful because she’s had nothing,” the Cedar Rapids mom said about her daughter, who is non-verbal and has a form of epilepsy that causes severe seizures.

In the past, school has been a place for Emily to interact with children of different abilities, work with a physical therapist and use equipment she doesn’t have at home, such as an adaptive swing. But since COVID-19 closed schools last spring, Emily hasn’t had any of these services, her mother said.

“I know she has to have some deficits in her communicating,” Day said. “The social part is really important to her. She needs to have those connections with people — her peers and other people besides myself.”

Day filed a federal lawsuit against

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