Inclusive playground opens at McBride Elementary; honors former special education teacher Nick Hostler

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A new all-inclusive playground is open at McBride Elementary. And it’s named Mr. Nick’s playground in honor of former special education teacher, Nick Hostler.


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Nick Hostler’s dream as a special education teacher started out with an inclusive swing for his students.

“He shared very heartfelt concerns that involved the word play,” Mary Kay Hostler, Nick’s mother, says. “We now stand near the ground, where all children of all abilities can play together.”

After Nick died unexpectedly of a heart attack over two years ago, his parents decided to make his dream a reality. Rather than just a swing, Mr. Nick’s is now an inclusive playground with equipment for kids of all abilities.

“I think it’s important to know that a small dream can become a big reality and I think this playground is proof of that,” Mary Kay Hostler

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