Highland Park Community Foundation Honors Highland Park High School Teachers with 2020 HPCF Golden Apple Award

The Highland Park Community Foundation (HPCF) has recognized three well-deserving Highland Park High School teachers with 2020 HPCF Golden Apple Awards. This year’s honorees are Josh Chodoroff, HPHS Band Director; Nairy Hagopian, Spanish Teacher; and Katrina Tolemy, Special Education Essentials Teacher.

“The Highland Park Community Foundation is privileged to honor Josh, Nairy, and Katrina as the HPCF’s 2020 Golden Apple Recipients,” said Sara Sher, HPCF Golden Apple selection committee chair. “We want to recognize these exemplary teachers for the valuable work they do every day on behalf of the children in our community. The Highland Park Community Foundation celebrates these extraordinary individuals for their positive impact and their teaching in both the classroom and the virtual world.”



To recognize outstanding teachers in the Highland Park School systems, in 2010, the Highland Park Community Foundation worked with a local family foundation to launch the annual HPCF Golden Apple Award. The HPCF

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Inclusive playground opens at McBride Elementary; honors former special education teacher Nick Hostler

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A new all-inclusive playground is open at McBride Elementary. And it’s named Mr. Nick’s playground in honor of former special education teacher, Nick Hostler.


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Nick Hostler’s dream as a special education teacher started out with an inclusive swing for his students.

“He shared very heartfelt concerns that involved the word play,” Mary Kay Hostler, Nick’s mother, says. “We now stand near the ground, where all children of all abilities can play together.”

After Nick died unexpectedly of a heart attack over two years ago, his parents decided to make his dream a reality. Rather than just a swing, Mr. Nick’s is now an inclusive playground with equipment for kids of all abilities.

“I think it’s important to know that a small dream can become a big reality and I think this playground is proof of that,” Mary Kay Hostler

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Selling Power Honors ValueSelling Associates in its First Top 20 Online Sales Training Company Listing

The Daily Beast

The Kid Who Masterminded El Chapo’s Secret Phone Network

It came in off the street one day—a tip, a lead, a rumor—whatever you cared to call it, it was one of the strangest things they had heard in their careers. Chapo Guzmán, the world-famous drug lord, had hired a young IT guy and the kid had built him a sophisticated system of high-end cell phones and secret servers, all of it ingeniously encrypted.The unconfirmed report—perhaps that was the best way to describe it—had arrived that Friday in June 2009 when a tipster walked into the lobby of the FBI’s field division office in New York. After his story had been vetted downstairs, it made its way up seven flights of stairs and landed with a curious thud among the crowded cubicles of C-23, the Latin American drug squad. For more than thirty years, the elite team of

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Art education group honors Zachary teacher’s career, work | Zachary

Darryl Alello teaches planning, execution and problem-solving as they fall under the umbrella of art. His 14th year of teaching has brought both the greatest challenges and greatest accolades. Amid coronavirus obstacles, Alello has been named the Louisiana Art Teacher of the Year and is actively vying for the national honor.

The 2020 school year is full of unprecedented pitfalls, but Alello’s approach and philosophy have stayed the same. Life, for him and his students, has learned to imitate art. “Every single project that kids do in here is critical thinking — everything they do,” he said. “They make a mistake and they ask me, ‘How can I fix this?’ and I’m like, OK, you need to stop and think about it for a minute. What can you do to make this mistake look like you intended to do this?”

Renowned artist and teacher Bob Ross became famous for capitalizing

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