Miguel Cardona reflects on his journey through education; says kids need to learn about Hispanic heritage in school

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut has been working toward making sure schools represent cultures and diversity.

In fact, Governor Ned Lamont recently signed a bill into law the focuses on enhancing diversity in the classroom.

Dr. Miguel Cardona, Connecticut Commissioner of Education, spoke with News 8 about the effort to make learning more inclusive.

Cardona, who happens to be the state’s first Latino education commissioner, said teaching about Hispanic heritage gives him pride.

“It’s a huge source of pride, not just for me being the commissioner, but the journey of my parents and my grandparents,” he said. “If you were to look on my desk now you would see pictures of my grandparents who sacrificed a lot more than me so that I could be the Commissioner of Education in Connecticut.”

His grandparents came to the United States from Puerto Rico, moving to the projects of Meriden where he would

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Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation pilot project geared toward GED pursuers – News – The Pueblo Chieftain

As part of its commitment to securing funds for scholarships and other educational support for low- to moderate-income students, Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation has established a new pilot project, The IGNITE Scholarship.

The IGNITE Scholarship was established to provide those seeking a General Educational Diploma the financial support to not only attain the credential but proceed onto college courses or certification programs to enhance workforce readiness.

Qualified candidates are those who did not complete high school and want to earn a GED and reengage in higher education at the certification, community college or university level.

In its first year, the IGNITE Scholarship is accepting 16 Pueblo County residents who have not yet earned a high school diploma or GED and are willing to enroll in PHEF GED Prep Courses Cohort, evening courses which begin Oct. 26 and run through Dec. 17.

Participants must take and pass the GED test and

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