Trachelle Bivins and her 5-year-old son, Ondrae Florence, come to the Central Library of Rochester to work on his RCSD online learning.

New York State Team

Story Highlights

  • Thousands of students and families are attempting to access remote learning without a stable internet connection at home.
  • Most cities have areas that don’t have easy internet access, and sometimes the available plans are too expensive.
  • Though districts across the state are attempting to provide devices and mobile connections, the gaps still remain.

For the past few weekdays, Crystal Berroa woke up in the morning not knowing how to help her two young daughters attend school remotely. 

Berroa lives in a shelter in New York City and repeatedly tried to contact school officials to help her daughters log into remote learning classrooms on school-issued iPads.

So far, she hasn’t gotten anywhere.

”If one (iPad) connects and the other doesn’t, I’m screwed,”