Annie Malone Center helping special needs children not fall behind in virtual learning | News Headlines

ST. LOUIS ( — Online learning is hard enough for kids, but parents with students with special needs say their children are getting left behind. 

One local organization is working to keep those kids pressing ahead.

Carnadria Smith says it was the fear of her special needs son falling behind that had her concerned during the coronavirus shutdown.

“I’m not a therapist, I’m just mommy,” said Smith.

She’s one of many parents with concerns over virtual learning for students who need alternative learning.

 “Him trying to get through virtual learning, I didn’t know how to navigate that,” she said.  

Her 11-year-old son suffers from Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

Kylann Clayborn is Smith son’s teacher at the Emerson Therapeutic Academy and says during the three months of virtual learning, he saw a significant drop in how student were performing.

“Not being able to sit right there and hold their hand through the

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Voter registration drives help educate on vote-by-mail rules | Latest Headlines

“Are you registered to vote?” volunteers asked patrons as they walked into and out of the Pleasantville Post Office on Tuesday. “Do you have a voting plan?”

Most said yes, they were registered. Anyone who wants to vote in the Nov. 3 general election must be registered by Oct. 13.

Some stopped to talk about the best way to get their filled-out ballots to the Board of Elections. Voters can either send them through the mail (they are postage-paid), drop them off in person to their county’s Board of Elections, or drop them off on Election Day at their polling place. They can also drop them in a secure drop box that is under camera surveillance at all times.

The volunteers at the post office, who were from the League of Women Voters, had a list of the 13 drop boxes available in Atlantic County. People can safely leave filled-out

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