Health education classes help anxious college students handle stress, study finds

Photo (c) Piotr Marcinski – Fotolia

High levels of stress among college students has prompted experts to explore ways to combat anxiety, and recent studies have suggested that breathing techniques and petting dogs can be helpful. 

Now, a new study conducted by researchers from Binghamton University looked at how college students can shift their perspectives about stress. According to their findings, taking a health education class could help students who are prone to nervousness change their attitudes about stress. 

“This is important for several reasons,” said researcher Jennifer Wegmann. “First, helping students develop a more positive or enhancing stress mindset has been associated with improved mental health, increased performance and productivity. Second, general health education courses are available to large numbers of students. There typically are few, if any, stress-specific courses offered on college campuses, and if they are offered, many are limited in student capacity.” 

Personality affects perception


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