This Morning’s Alison Hammond: ‘I had to educate myself on black history’ | Television & radio

Alison Hammond wants to clear something up: she didn’t actually interview a tree. “It was the tree specialist that interviewed her,” she says over the phone, in her trademark heavy Brummie tones. “That’s where people are getting it a bit wrong. I had a specialist who said that she could talk to trees, so I gave her the questions I wanted to ask. It was a great piece of television.”

Hammond should know. For 17 years, she has been a fixture on ITV’s This Morning, presiding over insane exploits and lawless celebrity interviews. Her 2017 encounter with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, which isn’t so much an interview as a piece of art, has been viewed more than 11m times on YouTube and saw all three of them in hysterics. A video of Hammond doing the weather on a floating map of the UK, an activity that saw her accidentally

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