Halls of Learning to offer online STEM courses

HALLS of Learning Jamaica (HOL) has announced that, starting this school year, it will be facilitating a variety of online courses in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to help supplement in-school learning while providing Jamaican students with useful skills and exposing them to opportunities within these fields.

The education services company is utilising online resources and events from technology giants Amazon and IBM to give students access to global opportunities.

“We are leveraging existing learning platforms that teach skill sets beyond our face-to-face courses and for an older demographic,” said Marvin Hall, founder of Halls of Learning.

The online courses on offer include: robotics, computer science, coding, math, reading, and typing for primary and secondary level students.

One course, AP Computer Science Principles, for eleventh and twelfth grade students will provide college credits for universities in North America, if completed successfully.

This course, along with another, Introduction to

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Halls High School will move online for 10 days, community leaders respond

Students are set to return to in-person instruction on Monday, October 5.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn — As Halls High School announces it will move to online learning for 10 days beginning Monday September 21, community gave insight into why that decision was made. 

In a press conference on Friday, KCS Superintendent Bob Thomas said the number of students quarantined, or student absence rate, was the primary metric used in making the decision to go online. 

“The trend has been over the last several days that that number has increased rather significantly,” Thomas said. 

Thomas said the surge in quarantined students could not be traced to one specific event. 

 Dr. Martha Buchanan, director of the Knox County Health Department, said this lack of specification in where the surge came from led the school officials to recommend the switch to online learning. 

“It was scattered throughout the school,” Buchanan said. 

Officials are not

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