Iowa students get back into habit of learning after almost 6 months out of school

First-graders in Stacy Yanda’s class at Madison Elementary School in Cedar Rapids are learning how to be students again.

As kindergartners last year, they missed out on about three months of education because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and started their year as first-graders late because of the Aug. 10 derecho storm.

Yanda, who had these students last year as kindergartners, too, said she can tell which students received some at-home schooling over the summer and which did not.

“You can tell there’s a little bit of falling behind, but just in the first few weeks those who have fallen back have managed to catch up,” she said.

Instead of beginning the year with everything they missed in kindergarten, Yanda is starting at a first-grade level and filling in the blanks as they go.

For example, last year as kindergartners they missed their lesson in subtraction. This year as first-graders, they

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