Guernsey Election 2020: Secondary education model

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The reform of secondary education in Guernsey has been a significant and controversial issue for years.

In March, the States voted to

“pause and review” the agreed two-school model, which itself had been approved in 2018 as an amendment to an entirely different three-school proposal.

The delay was agreed after a public campaign against the two-school model.

The deadline for a report on possible models is the end of 2020, although this was agreed before the pandemic.

As part of the BBC’s election coverage, we offered all candidates a chance to comment on a key issue.

In light of this ongoing controversy, they were asked: What is your preferred model for Guernsey’s secondary education system and why?

Nicola Young said: “Three schools with a separate sixth form.

“The schools have grown big enough. This is having a detrimental effect on our children’s mental health.

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