Grower wants to educate attendees at this year’s Fresh Summit

Educating the industry. That is the approach one grower is taking towards this year’s PMA’s virtual Fresh Summit Show, starting today. 

“The virtual format gives us the opportunity to teach and educate the industry, especially those who usually aren’t able to experience the field first hand,” says Nichole Towell, senior director of marketing and package procurement for Duda Farm Fresh Foods. “This gives everyone a front row seat to the supply chain. This new format also still allows product demonstrations to take place even when we cannot meet in person.”

For Duda, that supply chain includes its Dandy Super Sweet Corn that it’s currently harvesting in Georgia but will transition to Florida in early to mid-November. “Hurricane Sally has created some challenges due to the amount of rain received in the region. But the outlook is improving and moving in the right direction.” She adds that markets are above average

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