Grandma And Grandpa To The Rescue But Face Virtual Learning Curve

ACROSS AMERICA — Here’s something we know for certain: The coronavirus pandemic has made this fall’s return to school anything but ordinary.

Virtual learning is now the default in most states.

Parents and guardians became teachers overnight, and many had to adapt quickly to ensure their child succeeds this school year. Not all kids have parents in their lives, though. And many parents are unable to stay home.

This is where grandparents like Mercedes Bristol come in. Supervising virtual learning is necessary, yet many grandparents are faced with technology barriers, confusing class schedules and unfamiliar subjects.

Simply put, some grandparents feel perpetually “lost,” according to the 66-year-old grandmother from San Antonio.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat there lost right alongside the children,” Bristol said. “Once, a teacher wanted us to show our kids how to upload homework into Google Docs.

“What if grandparents don’t know how

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