In Garland ISD, some families struggle with internet connections for online classes

Something strange is happening with the hot spot that Garland ISD’s Shorehaven Elementary loaned 11-year-old Miranda.

When she connects to Zoom for live classes, the internet signal is turned off. But when Zoom turns off, the Wi-Fi comes back and she can do her homework without any problem, said Karina Cossío, the mother of Miranda and 16-month-old twins.

This case illustrates the difficulties many North Texas families face in connecting to virtual classes.

“We have already asked the teachers and they say that other hot spots are fine, that they don’t know what’s going on. They just tell me: turn it on and off, and we already did it but it doesn’t work,“ Cossío said.

Her voice sounded agitated. The breadwinner of the house, she was leaving home and about to drive to work. Miranda goes with her because otherwise she isn’t able to enter her classes. Cossío isn’t sending

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Have questions about the challenges of COVID-19? Garland ISD launches ‘Ask a Doctor’ series

Garland ISD has launched a weekly online “Ask a Doctor” session for students and families in the district.

The first sessions were held this week, with a presentation on Wednesday and a webinar on Thursday, in partnership with Hazel Health, a company that works with school districts around the country.

Garland ISD hopes the online sessions will help “children cope with change,” according to the district’s website.

“It’s no secret that adjusting to life in a pandemic isn’t easy, especially for children who are learning to adapt to a new era of education,” the district said.

File photo.

During the sessions, parents can ask questions about health issues and receive answers from Hazel Health’s pediatric team.

Thursday’s webinar included a discussion of how to help children adapt to the changes stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The district added that the parents’ identities remain anonymous, explaining that attendees are unable to see the

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