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Aligarh: “Mahatma Gandhi gave top priority to the interest of the nation and made efforts for the emotional integration of India as one nation”, said Prof Satish Kumar (National Coordinator, Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi), while delivering a lecture in a webinar on “Philosophy of Gandhi for Nation Building”, organized by the Centre of Distance Education, Aligarh Muslim University. The webinar was organized as part of the weeklong celebrations on Gandhi Jayanti.

Prof Kumar said Gandhi called the people of India as ‘children of Bharat Mata’ and worked all his life for a tolerant and united India that included all communities in its fold.

Prof Akbar Husain (Former Dean, Faculty of Arts) revisited the transforming incidents of Gandhi’s life and recalled his efforts as a forerunner of the Indian freedom struggle.

Earlier, Prof Mohd Nafees Ahmad Ansari (Director, CDE) welcomed the guests and underlined the objective

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‘Planning of Chandigarh resonates with Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy’

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On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on Friday, the tourism department of the Chandigarh administration organised a lecture on the theme ‘Chandigarh–celebrating Gandhian values’.

An online presentation was made by Deepika Gandhi, director, Le Corbusier Centre, on how the city relates it to the philosophy and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. “The statute of land of Chandigarh by Le Corbusier clearly states that the city is made to provide all amenities to the poorest of the poor to lead a dignified life, resonating the Mahatma’s philosophy of catering to the lowest category of citizens for betterment of the country,” she said.

She added that the provision of ample schools and colleges from the very inception of the city addressed Gandhi’s concerns that the salvation of the country was through education. The planning of the sectors was on the lines of a mini village, trying to recreate

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Cultivating Mahatma Gandhi’s ethics of Love

The principles propounded by Mahatma Gandhi during the anti-imperial struggle are relevant to the people of the country ever since. Whenever the country finds itself encountered with problems of similar nature, his teachings are equally relevant today. Among many issues, looking at the cacophony of hatred and intolerance spread across everywhere, we find ourselves impounded with the question – where have we lost the harmony of love. This cacophony of hatred and intolerance and the lost harmony of love do not apply only to India, but all over the world. Among the many legacies of Mahatma Gandhi that we have largely failed to actively inherit as a nation – cultivating an ethic of love is one major area. Let us try to locate the ethic of love in Gandhi’s teachings and attempt to cultivate the ethics of love.

In the introduction to “Hind Swaraj”, ‘A Word of Explanation’, Mahatma Gandhi

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