Gandhian Philosophy and Today’s Education Systems

On 29th July, India took another arena of education and passed National Education Policy 2020 replacing 34 years old education policy of 1986. Aiming Universalisation of Education, it provided a blank check to the modern-based system. It’s created to develop knowledge in place of memory of the students through different curriculums, yet not meets the insider of education. The inside Indian root what Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophy provides us, no one’s attention goes there in every changing policy of India rather envisages Westernisation.

Almost all western ideology throws light on “End Justifies Means”. Opposing this ideology, the architect of Indian freedom, Mahatma Gandhi contributed his thought in contrast to western ideology and said “Means Justify End”. Our discussion will be based on this, the core idea of Mahatma Gandhi, how it’s a pathway for today’s education to develop a child to his greatest efficiency.

The UPSC examination along with 90% of

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