Freivalds:The Lowdown on Higher Education; Can Remote Learning Reform It? | Commentary

Freivalds runs an international communications firm in Lexington.

There always comes a time in life when things change overnight. You had a bad diagnosis from your doctor or you just lost your job and the pension that went with it. Universities and colleges throughout the USA, there are some 3,000 of them, are learning almost overnight that the COVID-19 virus will forever change the way higher education operated.

Iā€™m lucky to have gone to two universities, Georgetown and George Washington, for degrees, and for the last eight years have been auditing classes and lectures in Lexington at Washington & Lee and VMI and have taken classes at two public universities as well as executive seminars at Harvard. All this has provided a wonderful window to see what has been useful ā€” and not ā€” and what will happen in higher education.

In fact, in all of the scores of classes

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