Fourth grader suspended for having a BB gun in his bedroom during virtual learning

A 9-year-old Louisiana student was suspended after a teacher reported seeing a gun in the boy’s bedroom during a virtual class.The attorney representing the child’s family said it was a BB gun and the school went too far — applying its on-campus weapons policy without considering the privacy of the child and his family.Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced Friday his office is investigating.”I am alarmed by what appears to not only be multiple violations of both the State and Federal Constitutions, but also blatant government overreach by the school system,” Landry said in a statement.”For anyone to conclude that a student’s home is now school property because of connectivity through video conferencing is absurd … It is ludicrous for this All-American kid to be punished for taking responsible actions just as it is for his parents to be accused of neglect,” Landry added.How the incident happenedKa Mauri Harrison, a … Read More