Bilingual Education Dominates Discussion During Forum of Santa Barbara School Board Candidates | School Zone

Round 1 goes to awkwardness.

The seven candidates for the Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education took part in an unconventional virtual forum Thursday night.

Rather than just the candidates on screen, all 117 guests were visible in the Zoom forum, along with the chat box that was disabled about halfway through because of the vitriol that members of the public were lobbing at the candidates and their supporters.

Some of the questions from the group called Coalition for Neighborhood Schools were also puzzling: “Do you believe that every elementary student should be able to walk to school?” “Is it worth considering another location location for the Santa Barbara School District administrative offices to allow additional elementary facilities in the downtown area?”

Other questions seemed designed to favor the conservative candidate platforms: “What models of language instruction do you favor, particularly considering relative test scores at elementary schools

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