TikTok users educate followers on black British figures for Black History Month

TikTok users are using the platform to educate followers about Black History Month

A number of young black Britons have been taking to TikTok to educate their followers about figures including Roman emperor Septimus Severus and nurse Mary Seacole as Black History Month gets under way.

One TikTok user, DJ Smooth Fuego, said he wanted to highlight these figures as he claims “there is virtually no black British history taught in school”.

The Birmingham DJ uploaded videos about Queen Charlotte and Roman emperor Septimus Severus, and plans to create a new video for every day of Black History Month.

“I wanted to highlight historical figures because of the fact that there is virtually no black British history taught in school, it’s either American black history or the transatlantic slave trade,” Smooth Fuego, 34, told PA.

“I’m both black British and black American and I feel that representation is important, and

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