Break day for teachers floated

NORTH LITTLE ROCK — School District officials are exploring ways to give teachers a break during the week because the coronavirus pandemic workload is creating additional work for educators.

The North Little Rock Reopening School Task Force on Tuesday discussed creating a proposal for a online-only full or half-day on Fridays beginning Oct. 20 to give teachers and students time to catch up with work without the stress of new lessons.

Interim Superintendent Keith McGee told task force members the online learning day would be asynchronous classes, meaning online courses would be done without a set schedule.

“We don’t need new content on Fridays. We don’t need assessment tests on Fridays,” he said. “This day is meant to free up teachers and help them get caught up. Students are overwhelmed as well. This day will help them get caught up. They could even work on some of the essential standards

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