Baylor moves finance to the cloud

By Margaret Lindquist | September 2020

For Jon Allen, Baylor’s interim CIO and chief information security officer, the decision to move Baylor University’s finance and human resources applications to the cloud was about much more than just a technology upgrade. “You can’t expect your students to be ready for an unknown future if you aren’t also moving forward,” Allen says.

Brett Dalton, Chief Business Officer, Baylor University

Brett Dalton, Chief Business Officer, Baylor University

Controlling costs, providing students with great research opportunities, and attracting top faculty members are three things that Brett Dalton, Baylor’s chief business officer, cites as top priorities for Baylor—and the move to modernize their back-office processes and systems creates a foundation for achieving those goals.

“Every dollar that we spend on back-office operations—those are dollars that we’re not spending in the classroom. Those are dollars that we’re not spending in the lab,” says Dalton. That simple equation has been the driving force

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Educate yourself about finance with Brian Basinger

Brian Basinger of Sapient Road Wealth Management says he wants everyone to be financially educated.

The business at 17023 Sienna Ridge Drive in 4S Ranch, offers financial planning in a variety of areas, including retirement and estate planning, education savings, insurance needs and tax strategies. He is also passionate about educating people about finance, Basinger said.

He has been a financial planner since 2005 and started his company in 2014. Basinger is a 1986 Poway High School graduate. He studied to become a certified public accountant at the University of California, Los Angeles, but realized after graduating he did not want to be an accountant his whole life, he said. He obtained his Master of Business Administration from Duke University.

Basinger said he traded equity options on the floor of the American Stock Exchange for about 10 years before moving back to San Diego. He also began his career in

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The Finance 202: Biden would create stronger economic growth and more jobs, economists find

And they are not alone in finding a Biden win translating into brisker growth: Economists at Goldman Sachs and Oxford Economics conclude that even a version of Biden’s program that would have to shrink to pass the Senate would mean a faster rally back to prepandemic conditions.

All three see the higher government spending a Biden administration would approve — for emergency relief programs, infrastructure, and an expanded social safety net — giving the economy a potent injection of stimulus.

The economic outlook is strongest if Democrats sweep Washington, the Moody’s team finds.

“In this scenario, the economy is expected to create 18.6 million jobs during Biden’s term as president, and the economy returns to full employment, with unemployment of just over 4%, by the second half of 2022,” they write.

Real after-tax income for the average American household would increase by $4,800 by the end of Biden’s first term

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