Podcast episode features a winning entry of creative nonfiction contest

Stories on Stage Davis will release the third episode of its all-podcast eighth season on Saturday, Oct. 17, with one of the winning entries of the “Under the Gum Tree” and Stories on Stage Davis creative nonfiction contest: “Seeping Past Theseus” by Arielle Schussler, read by Andrea J. Love.

In “Seeping Past Theseus,” Schussler alternates between the paradox of The Ship of Theseus and the preparation of her mother’s apple cake. By the end, the comparison of the cake to the ship becomes touchingly clear, raising philosophical questions about change and the ephemeral marks we leave behind.

Schussler is a writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a bachelor’s

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September: Bristol History Commission | News and features

Bristol’s history will be explored by the city’s first ever history commission, which formally launched this week.

Alongside professional historians, the history commission also includes a wide-range of academics from sectors including philosophy, trade unions, arts and culture, and law.

Chaired by Professor Tim Cole from the University of Bristol’s Department of History, the commission was brought together to explore Bristol’s past following an announcement by the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees in June 2020.

The Mayor invited the commission to help Bristol better understand it’s history and how we have become the city we are today. The commission was initiated after the events of this summer and its work will include the history of slavery as well as the full scope of events that have impacted the city.

The commission will include the building and removal of the Colston statue as a departure point and it will also consider

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Microsoft Teams and OneNote bring these new features for remote learning

Now that Microsoft has started rolling out its new 7×7 grid view for Teams as well as virtual breakout rooms, the company is releasing new features that aim to improve ’emotional connection’ for students and teachers.

The latest Teams tools include ‘praise badges’ from the Praise app, which Microsoft suggests teachers can use to “recognize student social skills, grow emotional vocabulary, and give valuable recognition to the daily wins”. 

The badges will be available to over 230,000 education institutions that use Teams for remote and mixed learning. 

The default badges are available now in chats and class team channels, with more social-emotional learning (SEL) badges coming this month. 

Default badges include achiever, awesome, coach, courage, creative, inclusive, kind heart, leadership, optimism, problem solver, team player, and thank you. 

The SEL-focused ones include communication, critical thinking, curiosity and empathy, goal pursuit, motivation and so on. Users also have the option to

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