How Polimoda Upgraded Fashion Education

Fashion relies on cycles of new ideas and quality craftsmanship, both of which benefit from inspired education. With an industry in flux, fashion academia has been seeking ways to adapt accordingly. Parsons made headlines in 2017 declining to participate in global fashion school rankings. A general downward trend in enrollment was offset by an increasing number of prizes, internships, and media coverage. That was before COVID-19. A special report by the United Nations refers to the coronavirus pandemic as “the largest disruption of education systems in history.” An estimated 1.6 billion students are currently affected by campus closures, class cancellations and concerns over their degrees and careers. For applied arts and hands-on disciplines, this is a particularly trying time. Objectively, not everything can be taught online and for certain professional skills, the role of in-person mentorship can be crucial. “A stitch in time saves nine.”

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