‘Shocking number’ of Mineral Wells ISD students failing online learning, district says

“Several have never logged in or communicated at all in six weeks,” the district said in a letter to parents.


Mineral Wells ISD has announced that students who are failing multiple courses or are unengaged will be required to return to in-person learning on Oct. 19. The district says “many remote learning students have not been successful at all.”

The district hopes that students will be given this time to make better decisions and begin participating appropriately, a letter from the district to parents said.

“Several have never logged in or communicated at all in six weeks,” the letter said. “These students are falling desperately behind and if we do not act quickly, they may never recover.”

The district will contact parents/guardians at the end of the upcoming three-week period if their child has been unsuccessful with remote learning.

The district encourages parents to bring students

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What Texas stands to lose by failing to require LGBTQ-inclusive sex education

The Texas State Board of Education is revising the health and sex education standards for Texas students, and we have a real opportunity to take a much-needed step forward for all youth across our state.

The last time the board revised the standards was 1997, a generation ago. Bill Clinton was in the White House, fewer than 20% of American households had internet access and the world was mourning the death of Princess Diana.

We’ve come a long way since then. Marriage equality has been the law of the land for five years, LGBTQ workers are covered under federal employment law, and public opinion polling shows Texans overwhelmingly support equal rights for LGBTQ people. But LGBTQ youth in Texas still do not see themselves or their experiences reflected in the curriculum. The board missed a chance in September to protect students by voting to exclude information on sexual orientation and

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Overwhelmed Teachers And Overcrowded Virtual Classes: Some Parents Say Remote Learning Is Failing Their Kids

The deal between the DOE and the teachers’ union that averted a strike and allowed public schools to reopen during the pandemic has resulted in stark learning inequities for some students, with parents of remote learners saying there are too few teachers and far too many students.

The agreement between school labor unions and DOE mandated that remote teachers only teach remote-only learners, to prevent teachers from having to juggle both in-person and remote learners simultaneously. But with just 16,000 teachers assigned to fully remote teaching, representing 23% of all teachers, and more students opting for remote learning, the teacher-to-student ratio is strained. (According to the DOE’s latest tally, 48% of students are now opting for remote-based learning only, up from 46% last week.)

The United Federation of Teachers and other school unions have been calling on the city to bring in 10,000 more teachers to serve as reinforcements

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Frustrated graduate burns his certificates after failing to secure a job

graphical user interface: Frustrated graduate burns his certificates after failing to secure a job

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Frustrated graduate burns his certificates after failing to secure a job

– The inability to secure a job has led a young Nigerian graduate into burning all his certificates

– The man identified as Usman Abubakar tore the certificates into pieces before setting them ablaze

– Unemployment is one of the issues the country is battling with and Abubakar seems frustrated with it

A young Nigerian graduate identified as Usman Abubakar has reportedly burnt all his certificates over the inability to secure a job.

Part of the certificates burnt by the young graduate from Katsina state included the ones he obtained from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), higher institution and secondary school.

Usman Abubakar burnt all his certificates after failing to secure a job. Photo credit: Gistreel

Source: UGC

The frustrated young man gathered all the certificates, tore them into pieces before setting them ablaze.

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Sex education in schools is ‘failing Black and minority children’

England consistently has some of the poorest sexual health outcomes in Europe – we are a nation riddled with STIs.

New diagnoses increased by 5% in 2018 from 2017, syphilis and gonorrhoea have increased by 165% and 249% respectively in the past decade. 

And, worryingly, it is marginalised communities and ethnic minorities who are disproportionately impacted by higher rates of sexually transmitted infections.

It is no surprise that Black and minority communities fare worse when it comes to sexual health as these groups tend to have poorer health outcomes generally – with experts pointing to systemic inequalities in healthcare and poor accessibility as a root cause.

Another key cause of the unequal sexual health outcomes may be failings in sex education. Experts and campaigners believe that what we are taught in schools is a ‘whitewashed’ version of sexual health education that inherently excludes children of colour.

‘The images used to

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