How ‘Systemic Liberalism’ Failed Public Education in America

Liberalism and its big government underpinnings have become systemic in American culture and institutions, with a profound impact on the nation.

In large part, an increasingly biased media, Hollywood, Big Tech, and academia have driven the left’s rise in prominence.

Freedom of thought, tolerance, and inclusion, once foundational principles of liberalism, have been replaced by social conditioning and disdain for, and suppression of, opposing views.

Public education is a prime example.

Impact of Unionization

In 1916, the American Federation of Teachers was established as an affiliate of the American Federation of Labor, widely known now as the AFL-CIO. The organization was founded to improve teachers’ wages, pensions, and “academic freedom.”

Similarly, the National Education Association was founded in 1857 as the National Teachers Association. Established primarily to protect teachers’ rights and ensure that members were treated fairly, it changed its name in 1870 after absorbing three smaller organizations.


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