Former Green Beret Roman Rozell enlisted to support his family. Now, he’s back in college wrestling men almost half his age at Arizona State University.


As Guam high school seniors navigate a complicated college admissions process, a global pandemic has forced them to face unprecedented confusion.

Students must build resumes with no extracurriculars, navigate online classes and select colleges without in-person visits.

“College applications is still a priority and always will be until I graduate, but spending this much time alone at home has forced me to reevaluate what is important,” said Marina Babauta, a senior at John F. Kennedy High school. 

Because of pandemic restrictions, more than 60% of four-year universities are test-optional.

For her dream schools, Babauta feels relieved that test scores are optional, but worries that she needs to focus on recommendations and extracurriculars, which receive extra attention this year. 

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