Baldwinsville school board refuses to answer questions about super’s job search, contract extension

Baldwinsville, NY – The Baldwinsville school board is refusing to discuss the unusual announcement that the district’s superintendent is looking for a job just days after the board approved a three-year contract extension and a salary boost.


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Superintendent Matthew J. McDonald also has refused to discuss or answer questions about his decision to seek a new job days after signing the contract extension.

McDonald got a $15,860 pay raise under the new contract. His salary rose from $175,500 in the last contract to $191,360, a 9 percent increase, according to the district and the contract extension.

The extension also gave McDonald a retroactive pay increase for the year ending June 30, 2020, raising his salary to $185,606. His salary originally was $175,500 for the year ending June 30, 2020, district officials said.

Here are some of the questions 5/8 The Post-Standard asked the board:

The announcement that

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NMSU Extension offers learning events online

Question: I missed your “Ready, Set, GROW!” classes. Are there any other online classes or videos this fall?

a bunch of fruit: From peaches to pests to tomatoes and more, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service offers all sorts of online educational opportunities in the coming months.

© Marisa Y. Thompson
From peaches to pests to tomatoes and more, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service offers all sorts of online educational opportunities in the coming months.

Linda, A., Las Vegas, N.M.

Answer: Thank you for reaching out. Good news times two:

  1. You missed only the first two of the “Ready, Set, GROW!” webinar series that runs twice a month through March 2021.
  2. Each webinar is being recorded, so you’ll be able to access them if you can’t attend the live sessions.

For years I’ve been inspired by the many people who show up to attend various NMSU Cooperative Extension presentations and workshops we give across the state. In response to COVID, we’re now transitioning these learning events onto web-based platforms, so people can participate from home. And I’m being inspired

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Jobs market key to extension of higher JobSeeker rate

The test was waived for JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, the Parenting Payment, Austudy and Abstudy but will resume on Thursday. In one example of the assets test, single people who do not own their own homes lose income support if they have $482,500 in assets.

The October 6 federal budget won’t include a decision on the JobSeeker rate beyond 2020. Senator Ruston said the government would consider how economic conditions improved towards the end of the year as Victoria came out of lockdown before deciding whether to continue the supplement.


“We’ll continue to monitor over the coming weeks and months the economic conditions that exist, particularly in the job market, and we’ll be making further announcements about any further temporary measures … [when] that information is available to us,” she said.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data last week suggested a turnaround in the jobs market, with the unemployment rate dropping

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Extension provides important continuing education courses for landscapers

University of Nevada, Reno Extension welcomes Chad Morris as program officer for the Commercial Landscape Horticulture Program. 

In this role, Morris assists professional landscapers with continuing education, which may be required for professionals to maintain their certifications, as well as have the knowledge to perform various services safely and efficiently. Starting his position during health lockdowns and restrictions, Morris has had to extend a lot of creativity in order to alter programming so that it would continue to be offered to the public.

Morris helps direct landscapers to classes such as the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) series, which is held semi-annually and provides participants with local water, soil and plant information; basic and advanced irrigation principles; and hands-on water audit skills. Once participants have completed the courses, they receive QWEL certification to help them market their qualifications. Along with the QWEL classes, which will begin at the end of

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