No excuses for denying education to children with Down syndrome

Like many parents who have children with disabilities, I worried this would happen — that children with Down syndrome might get pushed out of the education system under the guise of thinly veiled excuses.

I wrote about it in a blog post: “it is my expressed wish that not one student with a disability will experience barriers to receiving an inclusive and full educational experience this year.” Still, my wish didn’t make a difference, because it happened anyway.

The parents of a five-year old boy with Down syndrome in Toronto are told if their son cannot keep his mask on, he can’t come to school. The parents believe in the importance of mask-wearing and desperately seek advice from other parents. An exemption note is received from a doctor; all the while their son is missing out on school.

The first day jitters, making friends, learning new routines: these things aren’t

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