Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes PAC Launches Final Mobilization Campaign to Educate and Mobilize Equality Voters

The ads target hundreds of thousands of “Equality Voters” in key districts where their turnout is critical to the outcome of the Presidential contest statewide. Partnering with the data and analytics firm Catalist to create an “Equality Voter Model,” the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) built on decades of voter and polling data to assess the degree to which a person is likely to support pro-LGBTQ policies — from marriage equality and adoption by LGBTQ parents, to laws that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Supporters in any state can go to to register to vote, verify their voter registration, find out about early in-person or mail voting options and receive election reminders. For more information on how to get involved, sign up to volunteer, or join an advocacy training, visit HRC’s Equality Voter Action Center.

Full Transcript “Don’t Get Comfortable”:


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Girls Have Greater Access to Education than Ever, but Equality Is Still a Long Way Off

LONDON—When Adelaide Tsogo Masenya was six, she switched primary schools. Her local school, Dr Knak Primary School, in the poor Johannesburg township of Alexandra, only taught in her native language of Sepedi. Her new school, Marlboro Gardens Secondary School, had an English-only curriculum. Years later when she asked her mother, a cashier who only had a primary school education, why they had moved her, her mother replied, “You actually asked me to take you to an English school.” Even at such a young age, Masenya, who is now 30, had enough agency to understand the importance of education for her future.

Masenya went on to attend university in Johannesburg—later working both in human resources and as a secondary school teacher. She was also awarded a Chevening scholarship to obtain a master’s degree in education and development at University College London, something that likely wouldn’t have been available if she had

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‘We won’t see equality if we’re not teaching our children the full story’

Oscar- and Grammy-winning rapper, actor, writer and activist Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn, better known as Common, is one of the most socially conscious music artists working today, and he’s also the son of a former high school principal. So, he was the perfect fit to teach an online class for Varsity Tutors’ Social Conscience Series, a free online curriculum aimed at eradicating systemic racism and sexism and driving social change. Common’s class, originally streamed live on Sept. 23 and now archived to watch on demand, was designed to “teach what schools do not” and help young people find their true voices.

Yahoo Entertainment caught up with Common to discuss his involvement in the Social Conscience Series; racial bias in American schools; his fears and hopes for the next generation; the pitfalls of social media; his recent salute to the late John Lewis on the final night of the

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