Passionate about education, this social entrepreneur wants to help economically disadvantaged students complet

Growing up in a household where putting others before yourself was upheld as sacrosanct taught Uma Pathak the importance of and the joy that comes in giving.

A resident of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uma believes it is her moral obligation to help people in whatever way she can, although she’s most passionate about education.

The eldest among four siblings, Uma’s father – a school principal – played an important role in the way she saw the world around her. Education, she says, is one of the most important tools the youth of India has today – and her work reflects her belief unreservedly.

After she graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in education, Uma started teaching at a school in the city, free of charge. In 2018, she quit her job to dedicate her life to education and uplifting poverty-stricken children, and founded an organisation in her father’s name

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