State Board of Education, District 1, endorsement

The two candidates running for State Board of Education, District 1, are Tim Hughes, who works for an education non-profit, and Angelo Casino, a middle school teacher at a local charter school.

Mr. Hughes is well-spoken and well-versed in education jargon. He believes the state board needs to help “create the conditions where districts can adjust to changing and evolving needs of educators.” He also would like to tweak Nevada’s teacher licensing laws to help increase the number of teachers.

He doesn’t support retaining students who have fallen behind academically, even as a stopgap measure to help students who’ve lost months of instruction because of the coronavirus. He is somewhat supportive of charter schools, supporting non-profit operators, but not those run by for-profit companies. He expresses skepticism of using testing data in teacher evaluations, calling it a snapshot in time.

The focus of Mr. Casino’s campaign is bring the perspective

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State Board of Education, District 4, endorsement

Incumbent Mark Newburn seeks re-election to the State Board of Education, District 4. Former Clark County School Board Trustee Rene Cantu also seeks the seat.

Mr. Newburn is the current vice president of the board. He describes himself as “an outside change agent.” Realizing that he couldn’t change everything, he focused his efforts on improving computer science education in the state. He views the role of the board as being the truth tellers in public education.

He’s supportive of charter schools, viewing them as “just another district to us.” He would like to see more charter schools in neighborhoods with low-performing traditional schools. He’s also a supporter of Read by 3. He believes the program would have “created a lot of focus and motivation to take care of the problem before the third grade. I’m concerned that we’ll lose that sense of urgency.” The Legislature gutted the retention portion of

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