Universities must do more to embed digital education, Jisc survey suggests

The ‘Student digital experience insights’ survey published by Jisc found 23% of students were unable to rate the quality of digital teaching and learning on their course as ‘good’, ‘excellent’ or ‘best imaginable’.

“Covid-19 has highlighted the urgent need to address digital poverty”

Just 51% said they receive guidance about digital skills, “suggesting the higher education sector must up its game to deliver the high-quality experiences students deserve, and the skills they need to thrive,” according to Jisc.

Of the 20,575 students surveyed before and during the Covid-19 crisis, 60% rate the quality of support they receive to develop their digital skills as ‘good’, ‘excellent’ or ‘best imaginable’, but only a third (34%) agree their organisation provides the chance to assess their digital skills.

One fifth (21%) did not discuss their digital skills either during induction, during one-to-one sessions with tutors, in lectures and classes or with other students.

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