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Elizabeth City is home to not one, but three different institutions of higher education: Elizabeth City State University, the College of the Albemarle, and Mid-Atlantic Christian University. From one-of-a-kind programs to valuable community partnerships, each school is using its strengths to benefit the students and communities in Elizabeth City and beyond. Schools in Elizabeth City have experienced rare growth — and they’re ready for their reputations to start making waves across the region.

“At ECSU, this is our third admission cycle under my leadership, and this year we are 13 percent above where we were last year. To grow in double digits when we’re in a pandemic is significant, and so I’m grateful for the work that the faculty, staff, and alumni have put in,” said Chancellor Karrie G. Dixon, ECSU’s current chancellor. “For

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Elizabeth Garbe and M. Royce Van Tassell: A chance to see candidates for the Utah Board of Education

Perhaps the most underappreciated elected officials in Utah are members of the state Board of Education. The Utah Constitution assigns them collectively “general control and supervision” of all of public education, which means they administer more than $5.6 billion to the state’s schools each year.

They send the money to every school district and charter school that pays for your children’s teachers. And they verify that schools followed all the state and federal rules governing how to spend those dollars.

And while the Legislature meets for 45 consecutive days each year, then adjourns “sine die,” the Board of Education continues its work year-round. Each month, the members consider rules the Legislature has required them to write. They adopt and revise the standards schools must follow. They evaluate which teachers receive a teaching license and which teaching licenses they need to revoke. In other words, they have an enormous impact on

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