Medical Residents To Receive Education On Health Effects Of Climate Change : NPR

Few medical residents learn about the health effects of climate change. Now as wildfires sweep the West and hurricanes flood the Gulf Coast, the first published guidelines offer a way to start.


Teaching doctors about the health effects of climate change is growing from medical schools to the residency programs where new physicians put their skills to the test. But skeptics wonder if it’s appropriate for doctors to learn how climate change can affect human health. Martha Bebinger of member station WBUR in Boston begins her story in a clinic exam room.

GAURAB BASU: Well, Steve, I just remember for so many months, it was hard for you to walk.

MARTHA BEBINGER, BYLINE: There are three people in this exam room – Dr. Gaurab Basu, a resident he’s training and 71-year-old Steve Kearns, who is recovering from West Nile virus. Kearns remembers the mosquito bite on his

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Education committee discusses long-term effects of remote learning

Remote learning and school districts’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic were in the spotlight Wednesday at a Senate Education Committee and Higher Education Committee joint hearing.

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The hearing was the latest in the Black Caucus’ agenda-building series of hearings focusing on education, criminal justice and health care.


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Robin Steans, president of the education policy and advocacy organization Advance Illinois, said it is challenging to determine whether or not a teacher is reaching a student when they are not in the classroom.

“Just showing up and logging in is very different,” Steans said. “It is so much more challenging for a teacher to be able to understand whether a kid is really engaging in the material when you are trying to do things like hybrid fashion, remote, etc.”

Steans said being out of the classroom is causing kids to fall behind. She cited

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DMS Uncovers the Dramatic Effects of COVID-19 on the Higher Education Industry

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges. Within just a few short weeks, colleges and universities across the U.S. went from “education as usual” to a complete shift to distance learning,
altering nearly every aspect of the higher education industry. According to “The Impact Of COVID-19 On Higher Education Demand” report by Digital Media Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: DMS), trends such as the surging interest in advanced higher education degrees and the rising popularity of psychology
programs amidst widespread distress may be direct results of the dramatic effects of COVID-19.

Data from the “The Impact Of COVID-19 On Higher Education Demand” report indicates that COVID-19-related effects, including uncertainty around the return to campuses,
financial instability and sweeping distress have resulted in extensive changes surrounding prospective student interest in higher education. Substantial increases, during the period of January-June
2020, in student interest in online education, advanced degrees and higher education

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