Use and Effectiveness of Pharmacy Continuing-Education Materials


Data were collected using an observational, cross-sectional Web-based survey.

The desired study population was pharmacists who were currently practicing pharmacy in either a community pharmacy (chain or independent) or a health care setting (e.g., hospital, home health care, long-term care, mail order). Subjects were excluded from the study if they were retired, not employed in a pharmacy or health care setting, or did not respond within one month of survey initiation.

A sample of pharmacists was attained from a professional marketing company. This company provided a random listing of 5000 pharmacists who were members of preselected professional pharmacy organizations. From this list, a random sample of 2000 pharmacists was identified for participation in the survey.

A 31-item questionnaire was developed by the project staff. Solicited demographic information included age, sex, and primary place of employment. In addition, recipients were asked to indicate the average number of hours they worked

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