An Education-Health Ecosystem for All Children

By Justin W. van Fleet, Ph.D and J. Robin Moon, DPH, MPH, MIA

Disparities and disadvantages start in utero and birth, setting young people on vastly different life journeys. In the United States, the result of differential investments in health, education and well-being, alongside other structural inequities, combine to formulate differing life prospects for children. In short, despite the overall wealth of the country, the zip code someone lives in, the color of their skin, and who their parents are will largely affect an individual’s life chances.

Fast-forward to 2020, the ravages of COVID-19 are exacerbating, deepening and widening the gaps between our citizens. When upwards of 50 million American children were forced from physical schools, those who were on the margins of society were even further sidelined from opportunity.

We know our health and education systems have been seriously broken long before the pandemic. Yet as COVID-19’s reach extends

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