Bad Betting Advice: Big Ten Preview Edition

Over the summer and in the lead up to the delayed but now-likely-to-happen season, I have provided a variety of mathematical analyses and previews of the 2020 college football landscape and Big Ten schedule. Briefly, over the years I have developed my own college football power rankings and tools to translate those rankings into predictions and probabilities related to how the season might progress.

Most recently, I presented my odds for each Big Ten team to win both their respective division and the conference as a whole. I also presented the number of expected wins for each team based on a series of probabilistic Monte Carlo simulations which take in account the historical uncertainty of the preseason rankings.

Now that we are less than two weeks away from the actual kickoff of a Big Ten game, several sources have started to release division and conference odds, as well as the

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Education Edition announces Global Build Championship

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Minecraft: Education Edition teaches about teamwork, creative thinking, and so much more.

What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Education Edition adds new tools and education-focused features on top of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
  • It’s a powerful tool for educators and children, and announced its Global Build Championship at Minecraft Live.
  • Students would work together in teams of one to three to build sustainable environments for humans and animals to co-exist, and can be registered by their educators to win the Championship.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition is also planning a new lesson category focusing on the exploration of racial equity, history, and social justice movements.

Minecraft Live will be chock full of news about the entirety of the Minecraft universe, including Minecraft Dungeons, but an area that has been increasingly important for Mojang Studios is Minecraft’s place in education. Minecraft: Education Edition has proven itself to be a

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vishwanath d. karad: MIT WPU commenced it’s 6th edition of the World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy 2020 Summit | Events Movie News

Pune’s MIT World Peace University commenced its 6th edition of the World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy. The event was inaugurated by Anusuiya Uikey, Governor of Chhattisgarh and Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad – UNESCO Chair Holder; Founder, MIT World Peace University, Pune , V. Muraleedharan, Minister of State for External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, along with eminent Indian computer scientist, IT leader and educationalist Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Prof. Rahul V.Karad, Executive President, MIT-WPU and Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad, Executive President, MIT-ADTU along with other dignitaries.

The inaugural ceremony began with the unveiling of the book, ‘You May Believe It Or Not’ by Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, which highlights about his life ideologies, deep faith and devotion along with his quest for establishing the culture of peace for the welfare of global society, as well as the need to implement the value-based universal education system for

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Edition of Shakespeare’s last play found in Scots college in Spain

The volume dating to 1634 was found by an academic researching Scots economist Adam Smith

A rare edition of Shakespeare’s last play has been found in a Scottish Catholic college in Spain.

The Two Noble Kinsmen, written by Shakespeare with John Fletcher, was found by a researcher investigating the work of the Scots economist Adam Smith.

The 1634 printing could be the oldest Shakespearean work in the country.

In the 17th Century the seminary in Madrid was an important source of English literature for Spanish intellectuals.

The Two Noble Kinsmen was included in a volume made up of several English plays printed from 1630 to 1635.

Dr John Stone, of the University of Barcelona, said he found it among old books in the library of the Real Colegio de Escoceses – Royal Scots College (RSC) -which is now in Salamanca.

The book is still in its original 17th Century leather
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