Duty Free Co-Founder And Ex-Billionaire Chuck Feeney Says He’s Officially Succeeded In Getting Rid Of All His Money

There are a lot of billionaires out there who say they’re interested in dying broke. But it sometimes seems that despite their best efforts even the most philanthropically-inclined billionaires seem to get richer and richer despite themselves. Chuck Feeney says he’s the exception though, and after becoming a billionaire by co-founding the Duty Free Shoppers airport retail chain in the 1960s, the man who is said to have inspired Bill Gates’s own philosophy towards philanthropy says he’s finally succeeded in emptying out his coffers following decades and billions of dollars worth of giving.

Feeney innovated an approach to philanthropy that he calls Giving While Living, which encourages the wealthy to go big with massive philanthropic projects or go home. And he recently told Forbes that his long-held mission of getting rid of the lion’s share of his financial assets has finally been accomplished:

“We learned a lot. We would do

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