‘I’m not going to tell the country that poor people can’t get their dream jobs’

“Did they just pluck that out of their clacker, mate? There’s no modelling on it. There’s nothing to say that’s going to happen.

“If there’s 100,000 places, where are the 100,000 students coming from if there’s no internationals? I am terribly concerned about that,” she said.

Under the changes students will pay more than double current fees to study an arts degree, but less to study nursing, teaching, mathematics and science.

Commonwealth payments to universities will be cut for some degrees and means universities will be 6 per cent worse off in total government revenue starting next year.

The Greens and crossbencher Rex Patrick are opposed to the changes, meaning the Centre Alliance’s support is critical.

Negotiations are continuing with the government, a spokeswoman for lower house MP Rebekha Sharkie said. Ms Sharkie and Senator Stirling Griff are yet to decide how the minor party will vote.

Students plan to

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